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This page is under construction, updating with current Garlind Ridge collies that are therapy and service dogs.   

Nessie, Ivy, and Birdie

All Garlind Ridge Collies in Pennsylvania in the same family. Their Mom, Dee, has done amazing with them. 

Ivy, Nessie, Birdie are all therapy dogs with ATD. Ivy is also a crisis response certified dog. Ivy and Ness both have CGC, CGC-A, CGC-U and AKC Farm Dog titles. Bird has CGC. 

They bring comfort to children in need at schools during a crisis, help with suicide prevention, visit airports, attend events where there has been a loss of a child... The comfort they bring is amazing. Thank you, Dee. We know the time it takes to train all of your fur babies. These services are needed so badly. 

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Howard is a Garlind Ridge Collie here is Wisconsin. He works in hospice.  When patients are responsive, he engages with and comforts them.  Even when patients are not responsive, Howard brings comfort to their families.  He also is a huge favorite among the hospice staff. Howard and Mom, Beth, are appreciated by so many. Thank you, Beth! So much comfort you give. 


The Peachtree City Police Department is happy to announce the newest addition to the Auxiliary Police organization, a 5 year old female collie named Tilly. K9 Tilly will be the department’s first therapy dog. Tilly is a registered therapy dog with the national organization Alliance of Therapy Dogs. She is also a member of CAREing Paws, a premier animal therapy group in Georgia.

The intent of therapy dogs in policing is to reach citizens on a different level. Dogs are often a great conversation starter and make officers more approachable and strengthens the relationship within the community. Thank you, Karen for sharing. We love how so many have trained their collies from us so well to help others. 

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Abby Grace is a Garlind Ridge Collie in North Carolina. Abby Grace, along with her Mom, Ann, peace and comfort to those in need. Nursing homes. Thank you Ann. We know the people in nursing homes love this so much. 

and hospitals are only a couple of the many places they visit. Abby Grace is certified with the the Pet Partners organization and before that passed the Canine Good Citizen test.

Click photo above for facebook video


Lyra she is in training to be a Medical alert and Psychiatric service dog. Can't wait for more updates from 

Lyra and Lydia!  


Beezie now has her Canine Good Citizenship Title. 

We look forward

to more updates from on Beezie from Mom, Charlene. Thank you, Charlene! 


Gillie has her CGC and is a Therapy collie certified with Therapy Dog International. Gille and Lynn have visited memory care units
at senior living facilities to bring many smiles. They are now participating in the read to kids program at the local library. This is great for the children. Thank you, Lynn! 

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 Juneau has her Canine Good Citizen and a is a Therapy Dog for the Coulee Region Humane Society. We see great things ahead for Aarica and her girl, Juneau. 

Riven is training as a cardiac alert and response dog. He started with his natural alert at 4

Months old that we have build off of and has currently already been on 6 flights to 4 different states!

This is awesome Catherine! 

Riven is in
training for a
cardiac alert
Linda and Tess_edited.jpg
Tess has her Canine Good Citizenship-She has been made visits to bring smiles to seniors. Thank you, Linda! We know the seniors love seeing you and Tess.

Riley is a therapy dog with her CGC title.  She works with two different organizations
One is a local hospital where she visits patients and staff twice a month The second is a reading organization.  She goes to local libraries where grade school kids read to her. She also visits high schools and junior high’s during testing periods for stress relief
She is always a big hit with the people she meets. Thank you Riley and Dallinger family for helping those in need.

Star puppy test.jpg

Rory has his AKC Star Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Novice Trick Dog & Community Canine Awards. He is also in training to be a Therapy collie. We look forward to more updates in the future. Thank you, Shel


Kallie has her Canine Good Citizenship and has been doing visitors to the nursing homes, bringing many smiles to those in need. Thank you, Jill and Kallie! 

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Lucy has been working as a therapy dog in the memory care units at two senior living facilities here in Cleveland.  She’s a natural, and everyone loves her! This is awesome! Thank you Ida and Lucy 

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