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Please copy and paste this application with sending it
We offer a free waiting list. We do not require a deposit to go on our waiting list. We only ask that you contact us to go off of it if you no longer wish to get a puppy from us to keep our list accurate for breeding purposes. 
Today's date:________
Your name_____________
Your Address Street ___________
City, State, Zip _______________
Home Phone____________
Cell phone_____________
Preferred e-mail _______________
Are you looking for a puppy as soon as possible  ______ later_____
What gender of a puppy are you looking for Female____,  Male___, or either ___
What color of puppy are you looking to add to your family?
 Sable ____
Blue Merle___
Sable Merle___
or any color____
can list in order of preferences 
Where did you learn about Garlind Ridge collies?_________________________
Do you have a fenced in yard?__________________________
Have you owned a collie in the past? ______________________
Will your puppy live in your home with you? ____________________
Do you smoke?__________________
If yes, do you smoke in your home or does anyone in your family smoke in your home?______
We breed according to our waiting list. Will you contact us if you wish to go off the waiting list?__  
Do you have a veterinarian? ___
If so, may be contact him/her for a reference? 
Please list name and phone number for your veterinarian__________
If you do not have a veterinarian, will you find one_______
Do you agree not to give your puppy any products known by the FDA to cause autoimmune diseases and seizures which are: Bravecto, Credelia, Frontline plus, Revolution plus, Nexguard, Simparico, or any other products with plus behind the name? ___++
Do you agree to contact Garlind Ridge to assist in placement of your collie should you no longer able to keep him/her? _____
What would you like us to know about your family? 
Do you understand your puppy is not to be bred?_____ You do not have breeding rights? _________
If you are a distance from us, do you agree to either drive to Garlind Ridge for your puppy or meet us at the Dane county airport in Madison, WI to get your puppy? _______
Garlind Ridge Collies are offered as pet/companions, not with breeding rights. They come with limited AKC papers. 
*Due to being given a bad personal check and one on a closed bank, Garlind Ridge Collies no longer accepts personal checks. We do not have the capabilities to process credit cards. We accept cashier's checks, Postal money orders, and cash. Thank you for your understanding!*

Puppies will include:

One adorable puppy

Veterinarian Health check on puppy before he/she leaves us 

Litter collage e-mailed of litter family

Copies of DNA health testing of the parents

Puppy will be microchipped with a quality AKC microchip with being enrollment in the AKC reunite program with us being a back up contact should your puppy get lost. There are no yearly fees with AKC reunite services. 

Puppy Health guarantee

Puppy will be wormed several times and have it's first DPV puppy vaccination

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