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Garlind Ridge Puppy Application

Thank you for your interest in GarLind Ridge Collies.

We will e-mail you shortly.

If you do not receive a reply from us within 24 hours of submitting your application, please reach out to us at Thank you! 

Garlind Ridge Collie puppies are $1550

We do not require a deposit, however, we ask that you contact us should you wish to go off of the waiting list as we breed according to our waiting list. 

What you will get:

* An adorable and prespoiled collie puppy

* 1st parvo and distemper vaccination given to your puppy

*Puppy will have been wormed several times

*Puppy will have had a veterinary examination with our veterinarian, we give the paperwork to you 

*Probiotics to help keep puppy's tummy settled through teething

*A Garlind Ridge Collies tote 

*Copies of all health testing on the parents of your puppy as we DNA test all of our adults to be assured we offer the healthiest puppies possible 

*Photos and or videos of your puppy several times a week to watch him/her grow

*A litter collage of all littermates, e-mailed to you when puppy goes home 

*Puppy health guarantee

* We are always here to help with placement should, for some reason, you not be able to keep your collie. Althought there will not be a reimbursement of funds, we are happy to assist in finding your collie a loving home. 

*Lifetime breeder support as I have been breeding collies and only collies for almost 30 years 

How do you get your puppy? 

*Drive to our home to get your puppy as we love to meet the new parents of our fur babies 

* We are happy to meet you at the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, WI (MSN) should you wish to fly in to take your puppy home. (We charge a mimimal cost of $200 for this service which is for our nearly 4 hour trip along with car expenses, gas, and airport parking)



 Please note: We do not ship puppies cargo **We know a courier who may be able to meet you or bring your puppy to you. Pricing starts at $30 per hour (round trip) driving to cover the wages, gas, and car expenses. There is also an additional $75 for extra stops to take puppy potty and get exercise, clean the crate, feed, and cuddle your puppy. Additional for tolls one would need to pass through. For longer trips, there would be an additional cost for a motel. 

Where we are located:


We are located in


Blanchardville, WI  53516

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