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All of these products are used here at Garlind Ridge Collies. Click on the product picture to go Amazon to view or purchase.

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heartbeat puppy.jpg
Eukanuba large breed puppy food .jpg
2023-02-12 (8).jpg

These are amazing! Give puppy the snuggly feel of a littermate to cuddle with once leaving his/her home and littermates.

Our puppies are on large breed
puppy Eukanuba for the first few months.

I have purchased many
bottles of bitter apple
spray over the years.
Can also be used to discourage chewing on shoes, clothing, pets beds, furniture, etc.

The dogo puppy harness is my absolute favorite as puppies cannot escape from it. It also comes with a matching leash. Puppies need a size small when going home.

2023-02-05 (23).jpg

Be sure to get a car safetly restraint for your puppy.  We had a  young collie, in New York,  pass away, when the family car was rear ended and the collie went flying causing major internal injuries.

2023-02-16 (3).jpg

When it comes to collars, the only ones I will use are Martingale. They will give a gentle tug and tighten should your dog/puppy try to get away. I have several of these collars. 

Saving JUST ONE major trip to the vet could pay for more than a lifetime supply of NuVet Plus!

NuVet® products are made in a FDA registered laboratory with natural ingredients specially compounded to deliver the most effective nutritional health benefits. Utilizing the latest advances in medical and nutritional science, we apply state of the art manufacturing technologies to help us maintain a standard of product quality and integrity that is virtually unheard of in the pet industry.

2023-02-06 (1).jpg

By using autoship you can save an additional 15 % or by calling 1-800-474-7044 using Order Code 29879

2023-02-06 (2).jpg

This is wonderful all natural puppy shampoo. Puppies smell wonderful once bathed with this shampoo. 

2023-02-05 (29).jpg
iris 34 inch play pen.jpg

The Midwest Homes is the dog crate I have purchased which is very durable. One can get a dividing or single crate with one or two doors.

This is a wonderful investment. It keeps puppy safe to play and give you a break from puppy when in the naughty teething stage. Keeps puppy from chewing on the furniture. We have several of them.

Nylabone health edibles.jpg
2023-02-06 (10).jpg

Puppies teeth hurt. Thes all natural edibles are a good choice for chewing.

Our newborns get Probios paste then once they start on food, we give them probios powder through teething to help keep a settled tummy

Artero long pin brush .jpg
2023-02-05 (19).jpg

This is our absolute favorite brush. It is great for the long collie fur. We have many of them here at Garlind Ridge Collies.

A slicker brush is a must for those finishing touches of the beautiful collie coat. We love this one with the long pins.


I absolutely LOVE this grooming spray. 

It makes the collie coats silky and smooth

cedarcide .jpg
2023-02-06 (4).jpg

We love cedarcide and wondercide! Great products that are all natural. 

dog dishes.jpg

We love these dog dishes.
They are sturdy and easy to clean.
We have many of them.

2023-02-05 (20).jpg
2023-02-06 (9).jpg

Great chew toys! Our puppies love. 

It is best to start brushing puppy's teeth when he/she
first comes home. It is also soothing to those gums that hurt during teething. 

Kong Jubler Ball.jpg
2023-02-06 (8).jpg

This is a favorite ball of the Garlind Ridge Collies. They love it! We have many for our collie yard.

These crinkle critters are some of the favorite toys for our puppies. Play under supervision as they can get the squeaker out with time of use and chewing on them. 

benebone wishbone.jpg

I bought this for Teddy and Cricket
for teething and they love it.

Kong Ring.jpg

The kong chew toys is wonderful for puppies to chew on.

2023-02-06 (6).jpg
Clicker .jpg

A highly rated clicker for 

positive puppy training! 

Easy fill peanut butter for the kong 

2023-02-05 (25).jpg

I personally like a dremel for nails. I have purchased several of this exact dremel over the years. If you are one that prefers to clip nails, this is a good one as I have two of these also. 

2023-02-06 (11).jpg
2023-02-05 (18).jpg
2023-02-06 (7).jpg
  • All Natural

  • Corn Free And Wheat Free

  • A Treat That Your Dogs Will Love!!

  • Provides Exceptional Nutrition

  • Made In Usa

The dogfood we feed here at Garlind Ridge Collies is American Natural Premium made here in Wisconsin

  • Carefully Chosen Ingredients Deliver Exceptional Nutrition And Digestibility For All Life Stages

  • Carefully Chosen Ingredients Deliver Exceptional Nutrition And Digestibility For All Life Stages

  • Provides Exceptional Nutrition

  • Made In Usa

Kuranda dog bed .jpg

The Kuranda beds are a favorite at Garlind Ridge Collies. We have a dozen! We like the chew proof alumin with the ballistic easy clean fabric.

Tineco Mop .jpg

We love our Tineco Cordless Vacuum / mop! It is great when having animals in our home. 

2023-02-12 (3).jpg
2023-02-12 (4).jpg
2023-02-12 (5).jpg
I have this dryer
and love, it. It has
great power for
blowing that collie fur. 
This is a wonderful grooming table I have that is nice since it is foldable for storage. 

I also have this grooming table in an older model. It is a bit pricey but really saves on the back. 

2023-02-12 (6).jpg
This is the clipper I have and love.
It is great for doing trimming the 
hygenic areas. 
2023-02-12 (7).jpg
This is the blade #10 I use for those hygenic cuts to keep the back ends trimmed up. 
2023-02-05 (24).jpg

As our fur babies get older, the joints get stiff. We find that this really has helped our older collies as they enter their senior years.

2023-02-06 (3).jpg

By using autoship you can save an additional 15 % or by calling 1-800-474-7044 using Order Code 29879

Post Surgery suits...alternates to the awful cones!

2023-02-16 (2).jpg

These are what I use instead of the horrible cones. I use the surgical suits post spaying or neutering and the soft cones should there be a hot spot I do not want them to be licking. I will not use the hard cones. 

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Desensitizing animals soundtracks, we play many sounds for our puppies 

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