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Puppy Ropes and Collages

A family litter collage will be e-mailed to you being included with the purchase of every Garlind Ridge collie puppy!

Doggie Ropes by JABA

(Jordan, Alexis, Brianna, and Alyssa)

Fleece ropes are a great toy for puppies and grown dogs.  They are stretchy for pulling, durable, and washing machine friendly!  Fleece ropes are very versatile!  Our dogs use them for fetch, tug o’ war, basic play, and puppy teething!  See images below on how to use your fleece rope as a soothing, yet safe, puppy teether!

littler collage.jpg


Family collie collage photos



Isabella when she was a puppy playing fetch with her favorite rope!


Tug 'o War and Basic Play

Bella and Dixie getting out  some energy in the dog yard with their rope!

Puppy Teething

*Colors available*


1. Saturate the rope with water

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